About Us

Hi, I’m Mike Pizzuti

As the founder and CEO here at Live Edge of Lake Norman, I strive to provide our clients with a rotating stock of kiln dried slabs that are ready for wood working. Locally sourcing and milling slabs myself give me the best opportunity to provide competitive pricing as well as picking the cream of the crop to offer to my clients.
I am by appointment only to provide a one-on-one experience to fully discuss your current or future projects. This is to allow time to personally go through the inventory with you as my client. Appointment times are usually scheduled by phone Monday-Saturday as we are closed on Sundays.
All our slabs are priced by volume in board feet, and that number varies based on species. A board foot is measured by multiplying the length x width x thickness (all in inches) and then dividing that number by 144.  The range of cost per board foot for our current stock, is from $6-$15 depending on the species, with the exception of our exotic species.
Our inventory is always selling out and being restocked but we normally carry Cedar, Black Walnut, Cherry, Poplar, Elm, Maple, Pecan, Oak, and others. In the last 6 months we have also carried select burls, some exotic woods like Bubinga and Rosewood, and even large Cedar of Lebanon slabs (which were used to build King Solomon’s temple for example). We have fields of slabs waiting to go into the kiln so if we do not carry what you are looking for in the warehouse, we can always check what’s headed into the kiln next.